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Legal Awareness vs. Legal Compliance

Various legal education programs conducted so far to the general public especially those in Villages with target creation litigious society looks something good and ideal, but must be understood together that legal awareness is not synonymous with compliance with the laws of society itself.

Compliance with the law is essentially a “loyalty” legal person or subject to that law which embodies in the form of actual behavior, is “legal awareness” is still a form of abstract yet real behavior to accommodate the will of the law itself. Many members of the community is aware of the need for respect for the law either “instinctive” as well as rational, but they tend not to obey the law. Developing legal culture in society turns more we reflect the kind of opportunistic behavior.

One’s awareness of the law did not necessarily make person consents to the law because many other social indicators that influences it. Compliance with the law is the dependent variable to establish law-abiding people have sought independent variables or intervening variables that the government program that requires the creation of a litigious society results can be seen in the form of obedience to the law society itself, so it is not required means of coercion (power Police) that makes people afraid that they obey the law.

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