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Facing Divorce Case

Preparing for Divorce Case – If you are going to face trial in the case of divorce, both in the District Court and the Religious, there are some things you should know

1. Get legal advice

If you do not have enough knowledge about the law, it is better you ask for legal advice from a lawyer, legal consultant or someone who is experienced. Do not underestimate the problems that you face, although the case that you are facing is not too complicated, because of the legal consequences you face will bind and coercive. Therefore, do not be put off until the last moment the judge’s decision will be rendered or when your position has been squashed.

2. Some things are important to ask

Many things you can ask those who know more about the legal process, among other things:

The things that must be prepared, if you represent yourself in court

Discuss the causes / reasons why you decided to get divorced with your husband


3. Where can you get legal advice and assistance?

You can request legal advice from a legal consultant or a lawyer, with the freedom to choose to be accompanied / not by them in court later.

If you do not have sufficient funds to pay an attorney, there are some agencies that you can ask for help without burdening an excessive cost to you. Nature of this non-profit institutions, for example nearest Legal Aid in your area-usually will consider how your condition, both economic and psychological.


4. What should you prepare before the courts?


ö Preparing the lawsuit; Once you understand everything (already asked for help suggestions / advice from those who know about it), you can prepare your own letter of claim (the steps to create the lawsuit can be found in the Info Sheet LBH Jakarta on Filing Procedures Divorce lawsuit in the Religious)

ö Setting money for administration

Prepare what you will say in court about your case. To prepare for it, it is recommended that you discuss again with people who understand this problem. The last is prepared evidence and witnesses.

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