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Ethics and Moral Politics vs. Rule of Law

In practice the politics and law is difficult to separate, since any regime in power in each state had a “political law” itself in particular carry out the concept of government objectives relating to development and political policies both domestically and abroad.

So do not be surprised if in this country so the change of government that followed the change of the Minister of the rules and policies being operated also changed, and each policy shall require the support of an umbrella law is the law of the political regime in power in order regime has a legitimate basis of the concept and the development of political strategies slayings. Political strategy in the political fight for the law should be carried out with due regard to ethical and moral politics.

The “Political Ethics” must be understood in the context of “ethics and morals in general”. Talk about “ethical and moral” composed of at least three things: first, the ethical and moral obligation Individuals are more concerned and human attitude towards himself. One of the principles that are particularly relevant to the ethics of the individual is the principle of personal integration, which talks about the behavior of a particular individual in order to preserve and maintain a reputation as a person of high moral standards.

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Facing Divorce Case

Preparing for Divorce Case – If you are going to face trial in the case of divorce, both in the District Court and the Religious, there are some things you should know

1. Get legal advice

If you do not have enough knowledge about the law, it is better you ask for legal advice from a lawyer, legal consultant or someone who is experienced. Do not underestimate the problems that you face, although the case that you are facing is not too complicated, because of the legal consequences you face will bind and coercive. Therefore, do not be put off until the last moment the judge’s decision will be rendered or when your position has been squashed.

2. Some things are important to ask

Many things you can ask those who know more about the legal process, among other things:

The things that must be prepared, if you represent yourself in court

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