Judges Code of Ethics

Judges has great powers of the parties with respect to any problems or conflicts that faced the judge. Judge in carrying out their duties fully bear a great responsibility, because the judge’s decision could result very away the lives of affected people reach the decision. Decisions of judges are not fair even being burned into the inner concerned throughout his life. Professional ethics should be judges in handling cases including the following:

1. In taking the decision, the judge must be independent and free from any side effects, including from the government to resolve the conflict impartially based on the law.

2. Judges have to choose and determine the relevant facts and choose the rules of law which would be the basis to resolve the case at hand.

3. The judge must assess objectively (unbiased)

Details of the nature of the judge, namely:

1. Fair

- Do not prejudice or biased (unbiased).
- Earnestly seeking truth and justice.
- Deciding on faith conscience.
- Able to account to God.

2. Honest. Freedom (stand on all parties important contrary, no respecter of persons).

3. Free from the influence of anyone.

4. Should not abuse the trust and position.

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