Human and law

In this world human have power. Which can exploit and explore the world is the human being. Due to power human that is the center or focal point of all activities of human life in this world. Thus man is a subject and not an object. As the human subject has an interest in the world, has a demand which is expected to be fulfilled or implemented, have the necessities of life.

Since human beings are born to die, from the beginning until now, even in future, everywhere, are able or not able, human always has an interest, has a claim or demand is expected to be met. When human baby needs breast milk, clothing, warmth of mother’s love, growing up need to play around with his friends, then require school next need a job, need a mate in time, until the time he died concerned for burial. Humans have an interest in life.

In fact human interests has always been threatened or harassed by various hazards, which is an obstacle to be performed or fulfilled expectations.

Nature often interfere with human interests in the form of earthquakes, floods, hot mud, tsunamis, landslides, hurricanes. Beast unsettle man’s life like a herd of monkeys that destroy crops, tigers entered the settlement unsettling. But the disruption or harm to human interests also come from man himself: fraud, theft, hit and run, infidelity, adultery, kidnapping, murder, violence and so on.

Because human interests always disturbed by the danger around him, then he wants the protection of its interests, not to be constantly harassed by various hazards. So then creates the form of protection of the interests of social rule included rule law.

Rule social order can be divided into two, namely social rule aspects of private life and rule social with stale interpersonal life

Rule social aspects of private life are rule Kedah religion and morality, while social rule with interpersonal aspects of life is rule manners and laws.

The purpose rule religion and morality is for people to be perfect, so that no human being evil. Both rules is addressed to man as an individual mindsets. If rule equally addressed to faith, morals rule addressed to morals.

It could be said that the ratio of the law (the raison d’être of the law) is the conflict of human interest, because of a conflict of human interests.

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