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Jim Kempner: Living the True Life

 Jim Kempner is a pastor at the Livingstone Chapel in Costa Mesa in California. He is well known for his sermons here and people from different States comes here to just listen to him speak. Here, he talks about working for the benefits of other and helping others whenever possible. He inspires people to fight all odds and move ahead with positive attitude in any situation.

During his years as the pastor in the Chapel, he has helped a number of institutions and individuals to raise funds for different works. Among them are The Czech School, the Renascence School International, Orange Country Campus and the Early College PTSA. He has helped raised money for these institutions to help people in need and for the betterment of these institutions.  Apart from that, he has constantly been providing guidance to these institutions. It is because of his help that these institutions have been doing very well for the last few years.

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Juan Sabines Guerrero – Trabajando Duro Para Atraer Turistas a Chiapas

Juan Sabines Guerrero , Gobernador Constitucional de México para el Estado de Chiapas, es el motor más alto en cuanto a la comercialización y la promoción de la industria turística del estado se refiere. Juan Sabines prácticamente ha designado a sí mismo como el gran líder de las actividades promocionales y de marketing que trabaja para fomentar la mejora de la economía de Chiapas y el turismo. Al mismo tiempo, fue el partido que representaba el gobierno de Chiapas en la firma del contrato con la empresa de las vías respiratorias superior, Continental Airlines.

Un acuerdo entre estos dos partidos dio lugar a la firma de las aerolíneas garantizar la prestación de servicios de las vías aéreas regulares desde y hacia este Estado mexicano. Esto significa que el ingreso local e internacional de turistas a Chiapas será conveniente y fácil, a diferencia de antes. Aparte de esto, Guerrero también prometió a todos los turistas que van al estado de que gocen de plena protección y seguridad durante su estancia. Sabines Guerrero asegura a todos que Chiapas se convertirá en un paraíso turístico seguro para los asistentes vacaciones que deseen disfrutar de los lugares exóticos del Estado. Read the rest of this entry »

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Human and law

In this world human have power. Which can exploit and explore the world is the human being. Due to power human that is the center or focal point of all activities of human life in this world. Thus man is a subject and not an object. As the human subject has an interest in the world, has a demand which is expected to be fulfilled or implemented, have the necessities of life.

Since human beings are born to die, from the beginning until now, even in future, everywhere, are able or not able, human always has an interest, has a claim or demand is expected to be met. When human baby needs breast milk, clothing, warmth of mother’s love, growing up need to play around with his friends, then require school next need a job, need a mate in time, until the time he died concerned for burial. Humans have an interest in life.

In fact human interests has always been threatened or harassed by various hazards, which is an obstacle to be performed or fulfilled expectations.

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Tips and Tricks to Select a Lawyer / Advocate

Advocates or who is more familiar with the word lawyer is a noun, the subject. In practice, we also knew with term legal consultant. Can mean a person who commits or give advice and defense “represent” for others who relate (clients) with the settlement of a legal case.

Well, lately the increasing number of services that sprung advocate make our sometimes difficult to determine which one need attorney and in accordance with our needs.

Here are couple of tips that allow you to use the services of a lawyer:

1. Make sure you use a lawyer who wanted to have an official permit legal practice lawyer

2. Make sure the attorney does not have a conflict of interest or conflict of interest in your case.

3. Always carefully in order to avoid accompany between a lawyer or advocate or attorney you and your opponent in that case you have to offer.

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