Jim Kempner: Living the True Life

 Jim Kempner is a pastor at the Livingstone Chapel in Costa Mesa in California. He is well known for his sermons here and people from different States comes here to just listen to him speak. Here, he talks about working for the benefits of other and helping others whenever possible. He inspires people to fight all odds and move ahead with positive attitude in any situation.

During his years as the pastor in the Chapel, he has helped a number of institutions and individuals to raise funds for different works. Among them are The Czech School, the Renascence School International, Orange Country Campus and the Early College PTSA. He has helped raised money for these institutions to help people in need and for the betterment of these institutions.  Apart from that, he has constantly been providing guidance to these institutions. It is because of his help that these institutions have been doing very well for the last few years.

Apart from fundraising, he also teaches people to give up materialistic things in order to serve God. People who rise about material things in life are the ones who can truly serve the God. A lot of people get so busy with their lives that they forget reading the bible and going to the church. For these people, he says that they should stop making excuses and take out time for God before anything in order to get true happiness in the world.

People who choose to follow God will get nothing but supreme happiness. But for that, one must leave behind all their dear things and give up luxurious for a simple yet successful life ahead. No person can be happy if they do not believe in God and do something for the mankind as well. The true way to serve God is by helping people who are in need of the basic necessities.

It is due to his preaches that a number of people have been able to find the right path when they were rejected with life. Jimmy Kempner helped give them new meanings to their life and live a fruitful life.

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