Lawyers, the profession most often lack of sleep

It is common knowledge; a lawyer is a profession with a high level of stresses that enough. Heavy workload plus the demands of clients who want perfect results a factor of stress experienced lawyers. In these circumstances, a lawyer is also a super busy so any activities that are personal neglected. Including human activities and natural ones, namely sleep.

At the top position, the nursing profession with an average sleeps duration of 6 hours, 57 minutes. Ranked third in a row and so are the police (7 hours, 1 minute), doctors and paramedics (7 hours, 2 minutes), economist, social worker, programmer (7 hours, 3 minutes), financial analysts (7 hours 5 minutes); plant operator (7 hours 7 minutes), secretary (7 hours 8 minutes).

Meanwhile, the profession of the longest duration of sleep (most well-rested) is a logger in the woods (7 hours 20 minutes), hairdressers (7 hours 16 minutes); marketing staff (7 hours 15 minutes); bartender (7 hours and 14 minutes ), construction workers, athletes, gardeners (7 hours 13 minutes); engineers, pilots, teachers (7 hours 12 minutes).

Data was obtained after the NHIS interviews with approximately 27 thousand adults. From interviews, then compiled rankings based on two variables. First, the average sleep duration is expressed respondent. Second, the type of work the respondent based categorization Department of Labor.

NHIS survey results yielded various responses. page, for instance, said not too surprised to see the NHIS survey. Through this article, a special blog legal issue is actually questioned a “7 hour” as mean sleep duration of an attorney. Extreme, stated, “What kind of lazy lawyers still had seven hours of sleep each day?”

What is described above is happening in faraway countries, the United States. Without such a survey carried out based on NHIS though, the public has learned that lawyers work very hard indeed.

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