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Archive for October 2012

Lawyers, the profession most often lack of sleep

It is common knowledge; a lawyer is a profession with a high level of stresses that enough. Heavy workload plus the demands of clients who want perfect results a factor of stress experienced lawyers. In these circumstances, a lawyer is also a super busy so any activities that are personal neglected. Including human activities and natural ones, namely sleep.

At the top position, the nursing profession with an average sleeps duration of 6 hours, 57 minutes. Ranked third in a row and so are the police (7 hours, 1 minute), doctors and paramedics (7 hours, 2 minutes), economist, social worker, programmer (7 hours, 3 minutes), financial analysts (7 hours 5 minutes); plant operator (7 hours 7 minutes), secretary (7 hours 8 minutes).

Meanwhile, the profession of the longest duration of sleep (most well-rested) is a logger in the woods (7 hours 20 minutes), hairdressers (7 hours 16 minutes); marketing staff (7 hours 15 minutes); bartender (7 hours and 14 minutes ), construction workers, athletes, gardeners (7 hours 13 minutes); engineers, pilots, teachers (7 hours 12 minutes).

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