Understanding Business Law

bisnis lawBusiness law can be understood as a law regulating economic activity. Activity in the form of trade, services, and financial implemented continuously, aimed to get benefit. Economic activity that is refers to as business.

Business activity or economic activity is carried out by an individual or business entity. Along the development era, the ways people carry out economic activities are also increasingly diverse.

In ancient times, people have a simple economic activity, such as trade. Today the economic activities can be done by setting up a business entity or corporation.

Following are some of business activities.

1. Business as trade (commerce), that all trading activities undertaken by individuals and legal entities. Trading activities can be done at home and abroad. The purpose of trading is to make a profit. Examples are dealers, agents, wholesalers, stores and so on.

2. Business as industrial activities, like activities that produce, produces goods or services that are useful to society. For example agriculture, plantation, mining, cement, clothing and so on.

3. Business as implementing service activities, like activities perform services or provide services performed by an individual or business entity. The Examples is hospitality services, consultant, insurance, tourism, lawyers, and accountants, and the other.

From some of the business activities described above, it can be concluded simply understanding business law, as a rule designed to regulate business activities. That activity is carried out fairly.

understanding the general business law is written regulations made ​​by the government in order to regulate, supervise and protect all business activities, including the activities of industry, trade and services as well as implementation of all matters related to financial activities and other business activities.

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