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Law Enforcement to Ensure Legal Certainty and Sense of Justice

law inforcementThe issue of law enforcement is a problem faced by every society. Although then each community and their characteristics, may provide its own style problem in the framework of the rule of law. But every community has the same purpose, to achieve peace in society as a result of formal law enforcement.

Characteristics as the rule of law has always stated generally to anyone and anywhere in the country, without distinction. Although there are exceptions explicitly stated and based on reasons that are acceptable and justified.

Basically it does not apply the law in a discriminatory manner, except local police officers or law enforcement organizations in the social reality has imposed a discriminatory law. Finally, law enforcement does not reflect the lack of legal certainty and justice in society.

The legal system does not only refer to the rules (codes of rules) and rules (regulations), but covers a wide area, including the structures, institutions and processes (procedures) are filled with laws related to living in the community (living law) and legal culture.

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How to seek the road to justice

Kelly, Fernandez and KarneyIt has been generally observed that legal proceedings usually take a long time for settlement and involves a lot of hassles.The judiciary system is a complex one and dispute settlement becomes an elongated process through the lengthy legal proceedings.The dispute settlement mechanism is complex in most of the countries. Therefore, Civilians look forward to the legal firms that provide legal advisory services in case of civil and criminal suits. Such firms are engaged in rendering legal advices relating to the following matters.


  • Civil litigations
  • Property law
  • Civil commotion
  • Sale, Lease and real estate cases
  • Employment law

In the Service of the People

The existence of these firms has helped the public in a big way as it avoids unnecessary exploitation by the public prosecutors. Kelly, Fernandez and Karney is one such certified firm existing in Santa Monica in California since forty years  having the expertise in resolving civil litigations especially conflicts related to family law. It handles every aspect of family law matters like divorce, custody battles, complex property divisions, child custody, paternity disputes and domestic violence are dealt with by this firm.Some of the best legal advices comes from the professionals of Kelly, Fernandez and Karney as they belief in honest practice of the profession. Attorneys here possess decades of experience and treat each case as a special one and strive for excellence. A good client relationship is essential in the competitive environment to establish credibility. Their client base includes professionals, individuals, and entertainment industry clients and entrepreneurs. This has been the outcome of being into business since 1971and working in the best interest of its clients.

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Function of mediation in court

courtThe existence of the mediation in the courts is necessary, because it can reduce the problem of accumulation of cases, is one of the dispute resolution process which is considered faster and cheaper, and can provide the widest possible access to the disputing parties to seek justice, and to strengthen and maximize the function of the courts in dispute resolution besides to litigation.

Obligation for a judge in court to seek optimum peace process to the parties litigant. At the beginning of the peace process in the trial conducted specifically on the first trial, the results were not optimal.

Currently, mediation is integrated with new litigation shaded by the Supreme Court rules. Ideally, mediation arrangements are integrated with the litigation process is governed by statute, as well as mediation outside the courts is set by law.

The judge in the consideration of the case decision shall specify the cases in question had sought peace through mediation with the name of the mediator to the case in question. Read the rest of this entry »

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Best Lawyer for Employment Case in the USA

best lawyerToday, there are so many things happen to the employment worlds. There are so many companies that do illegal abuse toward the employees. This is just absolutely great to know that there are some companies that really give you the easiness in handling the case like this. It can be just very useful for us to find their service so that they can get the best law back up and this is going to be the main solution that can be really useful for those who have been treated unfairly by the employers. There are lots of ways to fight back and this is going to be very useful for us to get the best solution we need by finding the right lawyer company that can give us the best deal.

To make it easier, you can try to visit the as this company can help you to fight for your rights against the employers. This can be a very good start and you can simply find out the help that you can get from them. This is going to be useful and very effective as well and you really can find out what you really want to get. This good to know that this company has the top lawyers and teams that will do the best for their clients to win the case. The whistleblower lawyer really can be the backup that we do need to have so that we can get the very best solution we need in order to fight against the things that can destroy us as an employee. Read the rest of this entry »

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