Enter the New Field of Economic Crime Investigations by Obtaining an Online ECI Degree

ECIIntroducing the ECI Degree

Times have indeed changed from the time of Sherlock Holmes, with today’s advanced forensic technologies and economic crime investigation courses offered online. In fact, programs offer an online ECI degree for students who want to learn about this innovative new field. Both bachelor and master degrees are offered in the field.  So, if you’ve been wanting to enhance your career skills, the ECI degree is a worthwhile endorsement to attain.

Crime Scene Investigations of a New Type

To obtain the degree, you should not only be detail-oriented, but also like working on the computer too. Students learn such basic courses as finance, accounting, and payment systems as well as fraud detection and money laundering. By following this course of study, you can become an invaluable resource in this new kind of detective work.

Making the Most of Your Study Time

When you schedule the training online, you can learn your studies at home and complete the coursework conveniently in as little as 18 or 24 months. The programs are designed to be streamlined so you can make maximum use of your study time.

Expand on Your Base of Knowledge

Individuals who major in economic crime investigations usually concentrate in one of two areas, either financial investigations or fraud detection. A thorough overview of economic crime law gives students the ability to recognize and investigate a number of technologically related crimes that involve fraudulent activities connected with payment systems or assets.

Investigate the Programs Offering ECI Training Online

So, whether you’re thinking of delving into a new career field or you’re an investigator who wants to enhance your skills, you’ll enjoy following a course of study in this new career field. Take time to explore the courses offered by the various universities online and see how you can fit a program into your schedule at home.

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