The Role of Advocate in State Law

advocatFor residents who live in the State law of course we have to know what is called an advocate. Advocate is a profession that is free, independent and responsible in enforcing the law, need to be guaranteed and protected by law for the implementation of the rule of law efforts.

Advocate legislation defines an advocate as a person who is providing legal services, both inside and outside the court, which meets the requirements under the provisions of law in the legal services mean services provided in the form of consulting legal advocate, legal aid, run power, represent, accompany, defend, and perform other legal acts for clients’ legal interests, thus the service provided an advocate is broad, both in court and out of court.

Besides to the judicial process, the role of advocate is also visible in the lane outside the court profession. Needs legal services advocates outside the judicial process at the moment is increasing, in line with the growing needs of the legal community, especially in the life of an increasingly open in the association between nations.

Through the provision of consultancy services, negotiations, and in the manufacture of trade contract, profession advocates joined contributed significantly to the empowerment of the community as well as national law reform especially in economics and trade, including dispute resolution outside the court.

Professional advocate must be independent in carrying out their duties so that he did not hesitate to defend all the interests of his client. Freedom Advocates profession in their duties should be balanced with responsibility, among others, against the State, the public, the courts, clients, and the opponent.

Legal institutions such as the police, prosecutors, lawyers, and especially judges working in a situation that is not conducive to developing the attitude of judicial corruption, the impartiality and independent in deciding a case.

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