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How to Find Reputable Internet Lawyers in NYC



When you are starting an online business or are using the Internet to heavily promote your brand, you will find times when you need to consult an attorney.  It is important that the lawyer you turn to be well-versed in Internet law, especially the laws that are related to Internet businesses.  There are some legal issues that are unique to businesses that are based on the Internet and the lawyer you choose must have the knowledge and experience necessary to identify and deal with them.  The first step is looking at law firms that are known to be good when it comes to helping Internet businesses, such as


Is the Lawyer Someone Who is Thorough and Communicative?

It is critical that the lawyer you choose keep in close contact with you and respond whenever you need them.  This is something that can be assessed very early in your working relationship and it is also something you can learn about when you are doing research on potential lawyers.  You need to make sure that the legal workload is something that the lawyer is keeping up with and this requires a special level of productivity when it comes to Internet businesses because the Internet moves a lot faster than bring and mortar business does.  The lawyer must also get things done completely the first time because cutting corners can land you in legal hot water.


Is the Lawyer Properly Experienced in Internet Business?

You want a lawyer that has the right experience to help you navigate the world of Internet business.  This does not mean that new lawyers are bad because they could have great experience, but make sure that you can identify the lawyer’s specific experience and be able to validate it.  For example, do some research and call the firm to ask questions.  Reputable firms will have no problem giving you the facts about the experience that they have.  If you have friends who have started an Internet business, talk to them about the lawyer they used and ask if they were satisfied with the service that they received. Read the rest of this entry »

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Constitutional Theory in law

constitution lawAlong with the State’s theory of law, the constitution is based on the historical flashback has been around since ancient Greece. It is based on the theory of state law when it was developed by Plato and Aristotle, teacher and pupil, dubbed as The Philosopher. Plato, for example, the Republic argues that it is possible to realize the ideal state to achieve the good of the cored goodness. For that power should be held by people who know the good, ie a philosopher (The Philosopher King). The Philosopher King is required to teach and promote policies that will ensure the implementation of good governance and justice.

In his book, The Statesman and The Law, Plato expressed his views on the rule of law. According to him, the government is able to prevent the deterioration of one’s power is rule by law. In The Law, the law is logismos or reasoned thought (mind that makes sense) that is formulated in the state decision.

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Enforceability and Validity of the Power Law

powerLaw will be the object “dead” if it does not have the power or strength of force. Therefore thinker Hans Kelsen as strongly emphasizes the importance of legal positivism, that the law was separated from the elements of social sciences, such as sociology, anthropology, economics and politics. Kelsen distinguishes between legal enforceability and validity of the law.

Element of coercion that exist in the law is not a compulsion psychic, but the fact that the sanctions as specific actions by rules of law form. Element of coercion is relevant only as part of the content of the rule of law rather than as an individual thought process subject norm. It is not owned by a moral system. Is someone really obeying the rule of law in order to avoid legal sanctions it or not with respect to the enforceability of the law.

Legal validity according to Kelsen is the existence of specific norms. Norma said to be valid if it is a form of expression that assumes the existence of such norms has binding force (binding force) pressure through sanctions against the actions of a regulated, commanded or forbidden. Rule is the law. And valid law is the norm.
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Penitentiary Law

peniten lawPenitentiary legal scope will never be separated in terms of criminal and penal. Criminal is sorrow / suffering intentionally inflicted by the state (through the courts) in which it is worn on the plight of someone who have violated the criminal law. The criminal justice process is the structure, function, and decision-making process by a number of agencies (police, prosecutors, courts and correctional institutions) with respect to the handling of offenders.

While sentencing a criminal punishment as a legitimate effort based upon the laws to impose suffering on the plight of a person through the criminal justice process proven legally and convincingly guilty of committing a criminal offense. So talking about criminal punishment and sentencing talking about the sentencing process itself.

Criminal be imposed on a person who committed a criminal offense, criminal as well as serve as a social institution. In this criminal case as part of a social reaction when there is a violation of applicable norms, the norms and values that reflect the structure of society is a symbolic reaffirmation of offenses against “collective conscience” as a form of dissent against certain behaviors.

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