Divorce Law

Pre-Trial Efforts in Law

efort lawIn the process of criminal law enforcement in fact often the case people were arrested and detained without a warrant or arrest and detention, even the process of arrest are often performed without regard to human rights.

Pre-trial Court is authorized to examine and decide on:

- Legitimate or not an arrest and or detention at the request of the suspect or his family or request an interest for the sake of law and justice.

- Legitimate or not termination of the investigation or prosecution of the termination request concerned for the sake of law and justice.

- Demand compensation or rehabilitation by the suspect or his family or other party or attorney who is not his case submitted to the Court.

So far in practice the rights of pre-trial was only performed by the suspect or the suspect’s family through their attorneys by conducting pretrial lawsuit against the police or to the local District Attorney to the Court questioned the substance of his complaint about the lawfulness of the arrest or detention or on the legitimacy of termination investigation or prosecution.

We never heard that pre-trial Police Prosecutor on the legitimacy of Termination of the prosecution of suspects / defendants, or otherwise the Attorney pretrial police on the legitimacy of Termination of Investigation.

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Understanding Principles Aqusatoir

aqusatoirFreedom to give and get legal counsel indicated that the Code of Criminal Procedure was adopted accusatory principle, this means that the news discrepancy between the preliminary investigation and examination of the trial court essentially been eliminated.

In connection with the examination of issues in the trial court, where the suspect or defendant in his capacity as a subject not placed as an object examination and inspection fault is placed as an object. This is consistent with the notion of the accusatorial principle accusatory or position as a suspect or defendant is subject to examination as a suspect or defendant should be treated as someone who has dignity and have human rights as it should.

Aqusatoir principle in the trial have extensive warranties, especially in terms of legal aid, even suspect talks with his lawyer was not able to be heard by the investigator or prosecutor.

A suspect or defendant shall be hear testimony, where the suspect or defendant serve as examination subjects, and the suspect or the accused has the right to seek and obtain legal assistance from a person or legal advisor when he was able to find himself a lawyer, but it is also where he punishable by more than five years, a suspect has the right to legal assistance.

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Facing Divorce Case

Preparing for Divorce Case – If you are going to face trial in the case of divorce, both in the District Court and the Religious, there are some things you should know

1. Get legal advice

If you do not have enough knowledge about the law, it is better you ask for legal advice from a lawyer, legal consultant or someone who is experienced. Do not underestimate the problems that you face, although the case that you are facing is not too complicated, because of the legal consequences you face will bind and coercive. Therefore, do not be put off until the last moment the judge’s decision will be rendered or when your position has been squashed.

2. Some things are important to ask

Many things you can ask those who know more about the legal process, among other things:

The things that must be prepared, if you represent yourself in court

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