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Criminology in Law Enforcement

criminologAs we all know that law enforcement is essentially a tool that can be used to combat crime and crime in general in the particular.

In the context of the criminal justice system, then criminal law enforcement process consists of three stages of implementation are:

- Pre-Adjudication Stage (early stages of the criminal justice process),
- Adjudication (stage trial in the court process) and
- Full-Adjudication (stage after trial or after the verdict in the drop).

However, in this discussion, the author will analyze more specific about the problem in stages often appear in the Pre-Adjudication thus be a factor of criminology, while later stages (Adjudication and Full-Adjudication Adjudication) will author on the subject of further analysis.

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Law Enforcement to Ensure Legal Certainty and Sense of Justice

law inforcementThe issue of law enforcement is a problem faced by every society. Although then each community and their characteristics, may provide its own style problem in the framework of the rule of law. But every community has the same purpose, to achieve peace in society as a result of formal law enforcement.

Characteristics as the rule of law has always stated generally to anyone and anywhere in the country, without distinction. Although there are exceptions explicitly stated and based on reasons that are acceptable and justified.

Basically it does not apply the law in a discriminatory manner, except local police officers or law enforcement organizations in the social reality has imposed a discriminatory law. Finally, law enforcement does not reflect the lack of legal certainty and justice in society.

The legal system does not only refer to the rules (codes of rules) and rules (regulations), but covers a wide area, including the structures, institutions and processes (procedures) are filled with laws related to living in the community (living law) and legal culture.

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Accountability Law Enforcement

Accountable law enforcement can be interpreted as an implementation effort of law enforcement that is accountable to the community, state and nation concerning or relating to the rule of law in the legal system, law and justice for the benefit of society. Law enforcement also cannot be separated by the legal system itself. Moderate legal system means a part of the process / stages interdependent to be done or executed and obeyed by Law Enforcement and Society that led to the establishment of the rule of law.

If a person is arrested, the items seized in his power as something to do with the alleged crime, the legal process is not running even never finished, rampant violation of Code of Criminal Procedure, is some evidence of the lack of accountability of law enforcement in this country. Steps to building a legal system accountable to the future we can put forward include:

1). the need for improvement or updating and supplementing existing laws and existing legislation.

2) Improving the quality of human resources (HR) Law Enforcement in terms of both morality and intellect, not least because the current Law Enforcement did not know exactly which legal idealism being upheld.

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